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My intro Killianhawk99

Hello everyone. I juat joined this group and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Catherine but most of my friends call me Cat. I am 40 years old and live in NC. I am a recovering addict since 1990 and I have ADHD. I was diagnosed as a child but that was when the proffesionals thought it went away in childhood. So concquently in my early teens I started self medicating. Hense why I became an addict. I got clean at 26 but acted half my age. I still dont act like I am 40. Luckly because I had gotten clean I found other problems kept creaping up on me so I went to get outside help. I was rediagnosed ADHD in 1996 at 33 years old and found an adult adhd support group in my city in 1999. I have been going to it ever since. It was then I finally started to really learn how to cope and thrive with this didorder. In 1996 I was put on medication and tried uncessfully to function with it but couldnt. As long as the meds were in my system I was fine but as soon as they wore off I was a basket case. So in an attempt to function I was taken off the meds in 2000 and havent had any since. Its funny but I seem to function better without them. Granted I occationally have insomnia and have those days where I have CRS disorder (cant remember stuff or sh*##) but I learn to deal with that. I also have people in my life that help me with the things I have difficulty with like paying bills on time. Thank God for automatic draft. Another way I have started to thrive is that I own my own business. Its called Sweet Creations by Catherine. As you can probably guess I am a baker and my speciality is Low Fat Yogurt Pound Cakes. Also the adhd group I belong to is called Triadd (I live in the Triad area) and we also have a yahoo group. It is listed under Triadd1. I dont know if we are allowed to give out links so if you want the link just email a response. So I guess thats it for now so ta ta for now.
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