Breezy Diamond Sky (calcgoddess1183) wrote in nodisorderhere,
Breezy Diamond Sky

exerpt from my original live journal

I discovered something interesting tonight while in the bathroom over here in the library. While washing my hands at the sink some water started dripping out of the other sink! Man, that was so weird!

I just got done reading a book on bullying and I found out something: bullies aren't always people with low self confidance. Sometimes bullies are the most popular kids in school. Bullies tend to be those who don't like to follow the rules, who are mean and aggressive to adults and children alike, and who have a need to control everyone around them. As a person who was a victim of bullying for most of my childhood and adolesence, I think that bullies need to be hung upside down and lowered into a fiery furnace or a vat of hydrochloric ooze. It isn't my fault that I have asperger's syndrome and I didn't know how to act around people. It isn't my fault that I misinterpret things and it isn't my fault that I am sensitive to sound. My ex would agree with me. He is 25 years old and still deals with the emotional trauma from the things he endured as a kid. And his parents didn't do much to stop the bullying either. I would like people's input's on bullying
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